Virtual Number

Get high-quality virtual numbers to manage your business

Fab Media Tech will cover your virtual phone numbers or incoming numbers, a simple call routing solution, or a complicated inbound call centre environment.

With our virtual incoming number solutions, you may increase your capacity to field and handle calls. Flexible, scalable, and with a variety of solutions that can be adapted to suit any size company, anywhere in the world, and with self-serve functionality. Inbound virtual Numbering Services help you to better manage your inbound calls, allowing you to deliver better customer service and providing your consumers more control when it comes to them contacting you.

Smart call routing

Intelligently route calls to relevant departments so that your consumers enjoy a positive call experience.

Solution for Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Smart IVR Solution communicates with consumers and intelligently reroutes calls to the appropriate departments.

Greetings and welcome

When they contact your support desk, greet them with a message. Create a custom greeting for a new or returning caller.

Transferring a call

Allows your agents to transfer a Voice call to another department while on the phone. In-Call Transfer aids in the more efficient resolution of client issues.

Sticky Agent

Sticky agent allows clients to reconnect with the same agent with whom they had a previous interaction, making it simple for them to continue the conversation.

Call tracking in real time

We provide live call monitoring, which displays all active calls at a given time, allowing you to keep track of and manage your available and busy agents.


Features of service

  • With our virtual business phone number and a variety of unique features, you may conduct business from the comfort of your own home while still seeming legitimate and professional.
  • When you are occupied with other clients, you can select to have incoming customer calls diverted to another team member's phone. Use tools like after-hours call routing and voicemail to make yourself available to your clients even after business hours.
  • Our interface allows you to quickly manage and access voice broadcasting initiatives.
  • You may make numerous outgoing calls at once using our panel.
  • There is a retry system for voice calls that are not finished because the user's phone is busy, not reachable, or other reasons.

Benefits of service:

Designed to assist companies

The basic features include limitless VoIP and conference calling, virtual toll-free lines, and customizable caller IDs. Without moving to another system, you may use more services like messaging, faxing, and even HD video online meetings.

Mobile and flexible communications

Make calls, send text messages, and faxes from any mobile device using your business phone number. You can receive business calls using the same automated call routing system that you use at work.

Setup is simple and straightforward

In 24 hours or less, you may start utilising your company phone lines. Scale up, scale down, and adjust procedures and preferences in the system to correspond with changes in your organisation.

Hardware is not required

Create an account and begin making calls over the internet. You may setup the virtual phone service to operate with your office's network from your account dashboard; adding extensions does not require any wires or other devices. With only a few clicks, you can erase lines.

Customer service that is dependable

Our award-winning support services are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and include staff that can help you set up your phone system. Please contact us for advice, consultations, and technical assistance.

Plans with a lot of features

Each month, you will receive a single itemised bill that includes everything you would ever need for business communications, including voice, chat, text, fax, meetings, and more.

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