Bulk SMS

Avail the high-quality Bulk SMS services from Fab Media Tech

Using our Fab Media Tech services, anybody may write and send customised Bulk SMS messages to an individual or a group of contacts. These days Bulk SMS is increasingly being used by medium and small businesses to interact with their consumers and to reach out to new potential customers. So do not get left behind in the race. To begin with, start using SMS as your primary communication or marketing tool. We can be a huge asset in promoting your brand throughout the globe.

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS are thus regarded as the most convenient and quick technique to communicate information to many people in the blink of an eye. Our Bulk SMS Services are designed to take advantage of the most benefits of today’s technologically advanced world at the most cost-effective rates. Our Fab Media Tech service enables you to communicate with a large number of people quickly and easily using bulk SMS. Group SMSs to your organization's employees, broadcast SMSs to your consumers, and personalised messages to your clients are all hassle-free, allowing your business to thrive.

Promotional SMS

Due to its relative affordability, promotional messaging and communication it is an excellent mobile marketing tool. Using promotional SMS, you can quickly raise awareness and alert your target clients about the current offer. Unrestricted Bulk-SMS service is available to you whether your goal is to raise brand recognition or to develop brand loyalty.

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMSs are becoming increasingly popular in e-commerce, banking, retail, and other industries because of this. Currently, every firm relies on them to provide process information, invoicing information, and status acknowledgement. As a Bulk sms provider we provide affordable transactional SMS services that allow you to send hundreds of SMS in a short period of time. Utilize our service to improve the way customers engage with your company.


Features of service

  • You may now add, modify, or remove groups and addresses in the address book.
  • Message delivery in real-time and a history record are available online.
  • Multiple SMS gateways are supported to provide the finest SMS service possible to your customers and clients.
  • For corporate SMS, promotional SMS, and marketing SMS, we have various channels accessible for you to use.

Benefits of our SMS Marketing:

Quick delivery

As a matter of fact, it is unquestionably one of the greatest aspects of our Bulk SMS Company. There is no doubt that the SMS service is lightning fast. This way, your clients' mobile devices are reached immediately and without any trouble. A text message reaches its intended receiver in less than seven seconds. No need to worry about the delivery of your communications.

Offers a convenient platform

As the best SMS service provider our Messages services allow you to send messages to a limited number of recipients. Additionally, you may opt to send messages to all of your clients in your list. The messages may be completely customised before they are sent. It is also simple to send transactional and promotional messages to your consumers.


Our SMS services offer you with the highest level of trustworthiness and security. Sending a text message to someone bypasses spam screening. Text messages will reach their intended recipients without a hitch.

Highly readable

Text messages are quite easy to read. According to a recent survey, individuals tend to read communications as soon as they are sent. The communications you send to your clients are read within seconds. If you are using any other tool, you will not be able to attain this level of efficiency. With our Bulk SMS service and SMS for business you can rest confident that your messages will be read.

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